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What is Hipture?

hipture app

You are probably asking yourself, what is Hipture?  I haven’t written about Hipture yet because I wanted to make it a surprise! :)

The idea for Hipture came to us about a half a year ago.

While working on Finic, we began to think about the mobility of the project. Maybe we could find a way to incorporate Instagram, for example, with the help of our high- quality canvas printing. This idea eventually transitioned into the app we started developing, called Hipture.

hipture app

With the help of this app (first for iPhones), you can create prints off your Instagram or iPhone photos! You can choose between three sizes of prints: 8×8, 12×12 and 16×16.

We also developed a frame specifically for Hipture, with eight colors plus two natural wood options, walnut and maple.

kickstarter project hipture app


With these prints and frames, you have tons of options for displaying your photos! You could use just one picture in one frame, or make it fun and use four, ten or even sixteen pictures to display in a frame. Also, you can choose from four different colors for the mat board, to make your photos stand out. 

kickstarter project

Hipture app is very straightforward and intuitive that any newbie would understand how to use.

The product is, of course, the highest quality and made locally here in Portland, Oregon. We created a great-looking package just for Hipture products, and it’s miles above anything you would receive from our competitors.

what is hipture?

After we had developed the app and the products to go with it, we took a brief pause to ask ourselves, why don’t we run it on Kickstarter? So, we did! Everyone was on board, and we started preparing for Kickstarter!

The day finally came, and we launched Hipture on Kickstarter Tuesday!

Check it out here!

Our minimum pledge goal is $10K, and within two days we are over $12K! :)what is hipture

We are showing off Hipture in San Diego!

Yesterday, a few of the guys from the Hipture project and I flew to San Diego to attend the Socality conference. Many popular Instagrammers are scheduled to be here!  We will be presenting Hipture, which is part of our marketing plan. And guess what! I will be one of the guest speakers at the conference!  (I’ll post an update to let you know how things went!)

So friends, please follow the link and support our project on Kickstarter, and spread the love by sharing the link with your friends!

You guys are awesome!

P.S. I will try to post more often than just once a month.