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The importance of proper equipment and services

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Six years ago, I moved to Portland, Oregon from Toronto, Canada. I will remember that move more than all the others because I drove 3,200 miles on my minivan with my wife, two small children, and my dad, along with a trailer hooked on the back of the minivan. Why? I didn’t have money to pay for cargo. It was the cheapest way to do it.

It took us 46 hours to get to our destination. Dad was my spare driver, but I still hadn’t slept at all.
Right after we arrived, I found a small rental home, and we moved in. Every new home needs internet, and, of course, we ordered Comcast. I began having issues with the internet and enjoyed Comcast’s “best” support. I didn’t have any other options but Comcast. I was in disbelief that this was worse than in Canada.

Since six years, almost everything has changed, but not Comcast’s service. I had Comcast in different homes and areas around Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, WA. Surprisingly, Comcast is very consistent at delivering low-quality service to its clients. Most of the time, I didn’t have any other options. It looks like they created a monopoly in the US.

One time at our office in Portland, we couldn’t work because of internet issues. Comcast sent us an unhelpful technician. Instead of fixing the issue, he added a few more. When I asked him to fix the problem as soon as possible, he behaved like he was the boss and spoke to me in a demeaning manner in front of all my employees. Thank you, Comcast.

When we were preparing for our new office, I agreed to try Comcast again and signed up for the best possible service it provided for businesses. Comcast sent a technician, and he connected the internet pretty rapidly. SpeedTest.net showed good 150-200 MB’s. But later, I found what you see during a speed test is not what you have.

The last two days with Comcast were a disaster. The internet only worked thirty percent of the time. It would work for twenty seconds, and then we would lose the connection for the next forty seconds. We lost at least a full four days of work because of the issues we had with Comcast. Technicians couldn’t help us, not even our expert. The main problem with Comcast is that it has shared lines. We shared internet with everyone in the building. That’s why were almost out of connections during business hours.

We couldn’t lose time anymore and found another internet provider “INTEGRA.” We chose their 100 MB’s fiber internet for $800 a month. I know this sounds expensive compared to other internet providers, but, in actuality, this is cheaper than Comcast. It actually pays you. How? Everything is simple.

Always do the MATH.


Let’s say you have ten people in your office, and they cost you $50K a month. Let’s say that you pay Comcast $100 per month and have issues once a day for 10 minutes (this is normal with Comcast we had at least 10 connections lost per day in our previous office) …10 minutes times 22 days = 220 minutes or almost 4 hours, let’s say 3.5 hours.
This is half of the day, which costs you $1,136.

So, with Integra 100% uptime and better speed you will save at least $436, but the actual number is at least three times bigger. Also, you win time, which, we all know, is money.

My recommendation is always to do the math. Every single time. Sometimes, the right decision could mean spending more money on something.

For example, we purchased standing desks for $600 each this is three times more expensive than regular desks. But this investment will be paid off in two months because our productivity will bump up by five to ten percent. So, there you go. We will start making money by saving money or by being more productive and creating things much faster and, therefore, saving time!

Do not save on your employees by purchasing cheap computers or chairs. This is very important. Computers should work fast, and chairs should be ergonomic and good quality so your employees won’t feel bad after lunch and lose productivity. Always do your math.

Here is the list of important things I believe are worth the investment:

• Standing desks
• Good ergonomic chairs
• Fast computers
• Large monitors
• Headsets
• Free lunch in the office
• Online services like Slack, Google mail, etc.
• Good legit software

By investing in proper equipment, you will save time and money, and I believe this will increase your chance to create a successful business or startup.

These are my $0.02.