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The fear of transparency

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Do you think I’m fearless? I’m actually not.

Maybe some of you are wondering why I’m going to share an abundant amount of information about what we do. I know I’m not required to do this.

I’m doing this because I am all for transparency.

I believe that my transparency will help others like me make less mistakes. There is a possibility that my transparency could help you live a better life, hopefully, even by a little.

When I shared my idea at the executive meeting, about being transparent with readers, a couple of my team members asked me if that would create any problems. I gave the inquiry some thought, but no potential problems came to mind. After brainstorming as a team, we didn’t find any problems either.

I’d love to hear your opinions on this as well. Please, feel free to leave any thoughts, ideas or questions in the comment section.

Fear lives in us. We are always scared of something. We’re scared to say something. Scared to do many things. Fear is potent. It can be rational and explicable. It can also be completely irrational yet produce real physical effects on the body. It can serve as a monumental barrier to so much we desire and can accomplish.

If we are driving and see a police car in our rearview mirror, we are fearful. We haven’t done anything, but we may still feel fear.
We are scared to share how much we earn. We are scared when crossing the border. We know for sure that we are not carrying anything illegal, that we are one-hundred percent clean, but it’s still scary, especially if  we’re stopped for an additional search.

Fear is a driver for a multitude of businesses. Most marketers use fear to create successful ad campaigns.

Most of the time, if you ask business owners about their business revenue, they will say it’s a secret. They won’t even think about it. Who knows, an honest answer could bring them investments or even a new business partner, but no, they won’t share that information. They’re too scared.

Other businesses or startups are scared to disclose information because they think everyone will start copy to them. They think that people are lurking around just waiting to snatch their ideas and plans. People who want to start their own business or startup are scared to share about what they want to start. Often, even when they talk to investors, they want to sign an NDA to protect themselves. Then, when investors decline, they complain and say that they were probably not lucky enough to get an investment.

We live by instincts. Instincts tell us what we can do and what we can’t. Fear is one of the strongest instincts we have. But some people live by logic.

If logically something will potentially bring good, then why should I decline it?