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Reality of Blogging Every Week

blogging every week

When I started blogging about Finic, I told myself that I would regularly blog. At some point, I even wanted to blog every day to be completely transparent about our startup progress. I kicked off this commitment with my first post and constantly started thinking of new blog post topics.

The reality of blogging every week.

startup blogging

Having a startup that I am trying to get off the ground, new Hipture Kickstarter project, family life, and few meetings a day (that can sometimes last for hours), a blog post is not something I can feasibly think about every week. Some people are great at it, but right now, I just don’t feel that it’s as important as I once thought. The way I see it, if I’m not worrying about writing a blog post, I can instead give more focus to more critical tasks. Of course, just as promised, I will keep my subscribers in the loop on our startup adventure with one post a month that will provide updates on our progress.

We can still be connected. 

One thing I love about blogging is receiving feedback from my readers! Your comments and shares mean so much to me. So, I have great news!  Even though you won’t hear from me on the blog every week, we can still be connected. Follow me on Facebook, where I post a lot of useful content daily, as well as pictures of life from the office. I will also be keeping an eye open for any comments or questions you may have. In some ways, my Facebook page will act as a substitute for the blog. It will allow us to be connected in a more personal way.