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Why My Wife and Kids Increase My Chance of Success

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Do you remember a particular moment in your life when you felt truly happy? I’m talking about the happiest moment of your entire life. Does anything come to mind?

You can probably guess what my happiest moments are, given the title of this post. I won’t go into too much detail, but I’ll say that I remember many happy moments from my childhood and teen years and many more happy moments with my wife and kids. Every time one of my sons was born–I have three of them–I received this crazy, inexplicable burst of happiness.

Not once did these happy moments relate to my work or my business. 

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Not too long ago, my wife asked me: Do you think you would be as successful as you are now if you weren’t married and didn’t have any kids?

I pondered the answer for at least a few days and came to the conclusion that she was right. If I didn’t have my wife and kids:

  • I would have much less encouragement
  • I would not be as happy (per my happiest moments from above)
  • I would not have as much energy (they energize me every day)
  • I would have more time, which means I would focus less
  • I would have less inspiration
  • I would not have a close advisor
  • I wouldn’t have anybody to live for

I could continue this list to infinity.

Aristotle Onassis once said, “If women didn’t exist, all the money in the world would have no meaning.”

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to say that you must run out and marry someone to be successful in your business. I just want to dispute the argument that entrepreneurs must be single and have no kids to focus all their energy on their business. I completely disagree with this statement.

We are not robots. We all have lives that do not and should not revolve around business and work 100% of the time.

Not too long ago, a good friend of mine challenged me to imagine myself at 90 years old. “Looking back at your life, what do you see?” he asked. “What memories come to mind? What is the most vivid and happy part of your life you can remember with pleasure?”

I think a successful 90 year old person would glance at their lives in retrospect. I’m sure the moments that stand out for individuals don’t have anything to do with how much money they made or their work. Instead, I think they recall all the other moments from their lives that are entirely unrelated to their wealth. They are the most important in our lives.

It might seem that I’m contradicting myself by stating that my wife and kids are more important than business, while I’m always completely engulfed in my work.

I’d say until very recently, I didn’t understand a lot of things, and while I was happy with my wife and kids, I gave them much less than they gave me. Many things are changing and shifting for me right now. I’m learning how to live the right way and how to balance work and life.

I’ve been dealt a lucky hand in life so far. I’m lucky because:

  • I’ve had multiple successes in business at an early age
  • I was blessed with incredible parents
  • I was born into a loving and caring family
  • I immigrated to Canada and then U.S.
  • I am healthy
  • I have everything I need and want
  • I met my wife, Marina
  • I have three great sons
  • Last but not least: I’m so lucky that I was born in a Christian family and became a Christian myself

All this makes me happy and motivates me to move ahead in life and work.

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What is success?

Success is achieving our goals. Do you want to be successful? Set a goal and meet it. Set more goals and repeat – and it doesn’t matter what kind of goal you set.

Remember one very important thing: you don’t need to be rich to be successful.

Your goals should not always revolve around money; if you are a lucky person, it doesn’t mean you are rich. Remember this.

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